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All of our programs begin with a House Call to evaluate your dog, assess your goals, afford you with crucial starting points, and to ultimately choose one of the following programs that's right for you. 

Let us teach you how to effectively communicate with, and train your dog. From what we discuss in your initial House Call, you will rebuild a stronger communication system with your dog. A strong line of communication is the core foundation of what makes a good dog, and good training. In most cases, clients sign up for our 6 or 8 lesson packages to reach the goals they have set forth.

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With our Puppy Pre-K9 Class, pay one fee and attend as many times as you'd like until your puppy is 6 months old! We incorporate structured socialization, healthy play, and basic obedience/life skills to ensure a well mannered dog. Our Public And Walking Skills (P.A.W.S.) Class is one where we address your dog's behavior both in public, and while out on walks. We meet at coffee shops, Downtown, and parks to build better 'Public And Walking Skills' with our dogs. To find out more, or to enroll, click the link below!

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