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Chivon Winter - Owner/Academy Director

When it comes to training our clients' pet dogs, we want to alleviate as much stress and confusion as possible. Our primary focus is on family dogs, their house manners, and their interaction with other family members, especially children. This is also why we offer Child Safety & Bite Prevention seminars for adults and children. Too many dogs are relinquished to shelters, and ultimately put to sleep, over behavioral problems within the home that can be easily addressed through a training plan. 

When it comes to our training philosophy, our approach, or any other question, please check out our FAQ page where we address your questions in various videos!

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A lifelong animal lover, Joe decided a few years back to pursue his interest in Dog Training. Leaving behind a lucrative career as a Realtor and General Contractor, he worked for several long months, and completed over 500 hours of classroom and practical training to perfect his skills, graduating at the top of his class.

“Helping people to buy their dream home, or working with them to solve their residential issues was great, but it is nothing compared to the satisfaction that I get from working with people and their dogs”, Joe says. “To help a family resolve puppy problems or to see a proud owner’s face as a previously untrained dog trots beautifully beside them is so very fulfilling for me. I wanted to make a difference, to do something worthwhile, and this is all I want to do for the rest of my working life. Whether it’s helping a family pick the perfect puppy for their lifestyle, or handing over the leash of a Service Dog to a wounded veteran or disabled client, there is nothing more rewarding to me”.

Chivon Winter; US Navy Veteran, mother, and the proud owner of C3 K9 Solutions, has always wanted to help people achieve the best possible communication system with their dog. She wanted to take all of her strengths (training, teaching, helping, and compassion) and combine them in a unique, yet helpful business model. 

" I can relate to my clients on a personal level. I got into training about 10 years ago when I owned a Siberian Husky who had Separation Anxiety so bad that he jumped out the [closed] 2nd story window AFTER breaking out of his zip tied crate. I was so stressed. I looked up online on how to fix it, I called trainers, none of which seemed to want to have a conversation with me, or they were so insanely expensive ($2k for 6 private lessons!) that I felt like I couldn't get help. I even looked online for some help, and all the information I found contradicted itself. I was so confused, flustered, and stressed, which is why I realized I couldn't be the only one. After gainful education at various Dog Training institutions, I have gained the knowledge and experience needed to help alleviate that same confusion/frustration with my clients; and nothing makes me happier than seeing my clients smile at their dog's transformations. I truly love what I do, and thrive off my clients' satisfaction and success."

Joe Urh - C3 K9 Training Specialist, Charlotte, NC

Credentials include: Triple Crown Academy Canine Training & Behavior Specialist, Certified Instructor for Service Dog Trainers, IACP Professional Member, AKC CGC Evaluator, Mentor Trainer for ABC Students, US Navy Veteran,